HP BL460c Gen8/ Eumlex LOM/ VM Network Disconnect

You may be already aware of the issue related with HP Bl460c Gen8 servers using FlexFabric.


I see that lot many are impacted due to this issue – However its still not clear where the issue is. The only details I see on this issue is on the blog from Marc van Eijk.

As per my observation, the issue happens only for the VMs which generates network load. And at a random point, the VM will get disconnected from network though the vNic stands connected. At this stage, you have the below options.

  • Disconnect the vNic from the Virtual Siwtich and then reconnect
  • Change the VLAN ID and then revert back to the orgnial VLAN ID
  • Reboot the VM
  • Fail-over the VM to another node (Least preferred)

Failover some times cause the VM to get stuck at saving state. And if that’s the case, migration will never happen and we may have trouble to get out of this crisis.

Get Stats Failed - Event 76

Get Stats Failed – Event 76


On the event viewer, you can refer for Event 1d 76. And the workaround for this issue is to start moving one more VM from the same server which will solve the dead lock for the problematic VM and move successfully to the next node. This worked for me all time.