Expanding a CSV Volume

Recently, I had a challenge with free space on one of the CSV Volume. The immediate idea is to expand the volume.  Is that viable?

Yes. Here is how I did.

Expand the volume on storage side first.

As CSV is a cluster resource, The Owner of the resource will have the privilege to perform most of the tasks. So identify the owner of this CSV Disk from fail over cluster. It should be definitely one among the servers in the group. Perform the next steps from the Owner node.

Once the volume is successfully expanded on storage side, we should be seeing the change in disk management like below. The added space will be marked as unallocated space.


Expanding a CSV Volume

Verifying DISK on Disk Management


The increase in capacity will be visible on the Failover Cluster Manager. However, the usable space will still be the old until we expand.

Expanding CSV Volume

Verifying DISK capacity fro Failover Cluster Manager


The next step is to extend the volume from Disk Management. Please note – this option will be grayed out if not logged into the Owner node.

Expand CSV Volume

Extend Volume


Go ahead with extending.

Extend Volume - Size Available

Extend Volume – Size Available


Expanding CSV Volume

Disk Expanded


Great ! This change should be reflected even in Fail-over Cluster manager as well as SCVMM.

Expand CSV Volume

Verifying after Expanding CSV



Expand CSV VOlume

After Disk Expansion – Change reflected on SCVMM


I had VMs running on the CSV Volume and all was safe ! However, I did the testing only for expansion. Shrinking the disk even throws a warning that data may erased and hence, couldn’t try. Will test it shortly :D.