SCVMM 2012 SP1 – Installation guide – Part 1

I got System Center 2012 Sp1 downloaded today. The next immediate thought is why should I wait – So I did the installation immediately.

Before we start the installation – Please take care of the below mandatory points

  • Windows patch updates
  • Windows Assessment and Deployment tool kit
  • SQL 2008 /SQL 2012 Command line utilities
  • Service Account for SCVMM
  • Create specific container in AD for Distributed Key Management
  • Delegate rights for SCVMM service account on the Distributed Key Management OU

Windows Assessment and Deployment tool kit

Download the installation files from the below location.

Start the installation

BeforeStart-ADK Installation

Chose the Installation path.

BeforeStart-ADK Installation2

Select the required features.

Click on Install – This whole process took 30 minutes for me to complete.

BeforeStart-ADK Installation - Completed

SQL Command Line Utilities

The first step is to install SQL Native Client.

For downloading SQL 2008 R2 –

For downloading SQL 2012 –

BeforeStart-SQLCMDLineUtility-Nativ Client

After SQL native client installation, Proceed with SQL  Command Line utilities.

For downloading Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Command Line Utilities  –

For downloading Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Command Line Utilities  –


Service Account and Permission Delegation on Distributed Key Management OU

Create a service account

Create an OU to for Distributed Key Management

Right click the OU and click on properties

On Security tab, Click on Add

Select the Service Account and Click on OK

Assign Read, Write and Create Child Items for the service account


I will detail you on the installation step on my next post.

Cheers !





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