SCVMM 2012 R2 – Issues specific to OS Profiles and Templates

Its a while I could really concentrate on my Blog post related with Building a private cloud. The reason is something which I couldn’t make working as I expected.

I have two scenarios to share.

1) DomainJoinOrganizationalUnit Parameter on Gust OS Profile

This switch is used to specify the custom OU to be used for the VM Computer object while deployed from a template. I had mentioned this on my Gust OS Profile correctly, but the VM always joins to the default Computers OU.

My Technet forum post is here.

2) OS Configuration on templates VS OS Configuration on Gust OS Profile

I have a template which is created with OS Customization. This will give the flexibility for me to choose the OS profile while deploying a VM from this template. If I choose NO OS Customization while creating the template, I don’t see an option for configuring OS Profile while trying to create a VM from this template.

I have some settings on the OS Configurations part of template. While creating a VM with this template, I choose an OS Profile which has set with a different values than in the OS Configuration of template. My assumption is that the value in Gust OS Profile – OS Configuration will over ride the settings inside template – OS Configuration. But unfortunately, I don’t see that. What ever set on the OS template is taking precedence all the time.

More details on this Technet forum post.

I will let you know if I get some more clue on this. If you have any clue/suggestions – Please share it as comments here or on the Technet forum.