Hyper-V Dashboard – V3 … Coming soon !

This month was a busy month for me due to various factors. Though I couldn’t make much posting this month, I was working further on enhancing the Hyper-V Dashboard. The V3 is getting ready and I am doing the finishing works.

The new features with V3 are

  • A new section to list out the Host utilization with respect to Memory and Processor. We already have two sections in the existing script – One for VMs and one for the CSV Storage. One more table will get added which will list out the Host utilization.
  • Added the CSV Volume details along with the VM details. So its easy to understand on which CSV Volume this specific VM is residing.
  • Removed Snapshot details. Instead, only first snapshot date is there. Logically thinking, If snapshot exists, First snapshot date also should exists.
  • Now trying out to make some color coding to identify the overall health of a VM / Host or CSV Volume.

One of the plan which I had previously was to include an option to calculate the white-space in VHDX. This will help us in making a decision if its worth to shrink the disk. I couldnt find  a straight way here and hence took a long route using multiple WMI queries and to get an estimation on what space in the disk is actually used. However, I see that there are many chances where the calculation may go wrong. So I am looking out for a better option.

I really feel that Microsoft should give a commandlet which will give some information on the whitespace in a VHDX disk.

Keep watching this page for the release of HyperV Dashboard V3.

Cheers !