Hyper-V Dashboard – V2.1

Its almost a week I made the first version of the dashboard. Yesterday, I published v2.1 this dashboard.

Just a brief on the changes on each versions.

Ver 2.1 – 2/12/2014

* Added logic to identify Virtual Disk type – VHD or VHDX. VHD Disk will be marked as yellow cell

* Added logic to identify vNIC – Legacy or Synthetic. The cell of Legacy vNic will be marked yellow.

* Fixed few bugs related with the logic

Ver 2 – 2/12/2014

* Added logic to include an input file

* Added logic to include Hyper-V Stand Alone nodes

* Added component for Free Space percentage on each Local Disk /CSV Volume

* Changes on coding and more detailed logging on the console

Ver 1.1 – 2/9/2014

* Added logic to identify Dynamic Memory and mark Min Meory and Max Memory to “DM Disabled” on a VM without Dynamic Memory

* Added additional components like UpTime, IC, SnapShot Count, First SnapShot Date etc

* For Windows Server 2012 R2 HyperV Clusters, The report will also check if the Integration Component is ” Up To date” or not. If not, the cell color will be changed to Yellow so that Administrators can quickly identify

* Improved the logic to skip a Hyper-V Cluster node without any VM

You can download the script from the Technet Script Gallery.

What is planned next:

In the upcoming version, What I would like to do

  • Along with the VM and Storage details, A new section for the physical host which will have have the physical resources on each host
  • A comparison with actual resources VS allocated resources

May be some more items which I a yet to finalize :).