RSS is limited to 4 queues

After I fixed the Processor overlapping issue using Set-NetAdapterRss, I noticed a new event.

HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 554FLB Adapter #5 : RSS is limited to 4 queues. Enable Advanced Mode in the PXE BIOS to use up to 16 queues. This may require a firmware update.


Event 49

Event 49

To Fix this, We need to enabled Advanced Mode in PXE BIOS as mentioned in the event.

So we need to reboot the server. On the POST Screen, You will get an option eo enable PXE Bios. On this HP Blade, its CTRL + P.


Ctrl + P will open up PXE Select Utility. Advanced mode support will be disabled by default. You need to enable it.


The Personality should be selected as NIC.

Personality Selection

Save the setting first and then select continue.

From the next screen, You can just exist. And after the reboot, no more events are generated.