PowerShell Script for Hyper-V Dashboard

Its always good to have a daily report as an email. I would always prefer this as we can have a quick view through Blackberry or Active Sync Phones to get an overview of the servers. In Hyper-V, I had challenges to get this done using Powershell. In fact, I never tired and now I felt its becoming important as the Hyper-V Infrastructure is growing gradually.

This script will provide the basic information like VM Name, Memory Allocation, Processor Allocation, Disk Allocation, Disk Usage etc.

Hyper-V Dashboard

Hyper-V Dashboard


Along with this, You can get a brief on the CSV Utlilzation – like Storage Allocated on each volume, Free space on each volume, Total Size of VHDX Allocated for each volume, Actual Usage of VHDX on each Volume and if Over Provisioned, how much Over Provisioned.


CSV Report on Over Provisioning

CSV Report

You can download the script directly from Technet Gallery.

For feedback/issues – you can reach me on shabarinath@insidevirtualization.com .

Enjoy !