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Remote Desktop App Client for iOS/Android and MAC

One of the good thing which happened in the recent days was the release of Remote Desktop App for iOS, Android and MAC. Though its a bit late, its something which gives me a value add. The reason I thought of writing about this is due to fact that I feel that we are very much benefited on this.

One of the long pending requirement which we always hear is on setting a VDI infrastructure and an option to publish applications. Remote Desktop Services is a segment which started growing along with Hyper-V, though it couldn’t reach the limelight. Why ? For me, the users where hesitant as Microsoft didn’t provide a native client for accessing these resources outside Microsoft OS.

One of the expectation as an end user is what ever I access from one PC/Device should working from another PC/Device. ie, OS Shouldn’t be a barrier for an end user to accessing the right apps. Some of you may have a differencing opinion that accessing an application through a mobile or accessing a VDI through iPAD will have many limitations. I heard this in one of the vendor meeting as they claim that its difficult to use an VDI solution through an iPAD or a mobile. And due to this, they stopped the support for iOS in the recent release.

Limitations is something which is tangible and accessed based on the end user requirement. I may have some limitations to work on  excel  through iPAD using RDS. But for a second person, the requirement is just to see the figures over different sheets on an excel, which can work very well on this solution. However, this logic will be applicable only when the end user is having all options. Till this time, cross platform access was not available natively. And now, its open. Eagerly awaiting for the Office App for iOS. :)