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Network Virtualization Gateway… Some updates

As you know, I am behind Network Virtualization from the day one of Windows 2012. In the initial days, the information I got is that we don’t need any additional component for enabling network virtualization. But when we tried to test it out, it became clear that the key component to network virtualization successful is Network Virtualization Gateway.

For some reason, I felt like I was searching for a product which was never existing and in the grooming stage. The first positive I got was from Iorn Networks that they had a Virtualization gateway readily available. And later, I noticed that F5 got the Network Virtualization gateay ready along with F5 Big IP Local Traffic Manager. Currently, Network Virtualization Gateway for F5 LTM is only available in the virtual edition and appliance is expected for Q1 2014.

Though we had all these information about third party Network Virtualization Gateways, We missed out Microsoft Network Virtualizaiton Gateway. Microsoft named this product as Windows Server Gateway and is coming up with Windows Server 2012 R2.

Its basically a Virtual Server running on HyperV which can route the traffic between virtualized network and non virtualized network.

I am evaluating both F5 LTM and WSG. Will keep you updated once I have more information.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 and Network Virtualization

Seems Microsoft heard the voice of customers.

Though network virtualization was introduced with Windows Server 2012, I really don’t think that any of the customer could adopt it and make a production network virtualized. The main road block was network virtualization gateway. As I mentioned in one of my previous post, lot many main stream networking giants are coming up with network virtualization gateway appliance for Hyper-V. But that could be an additional investment and may not be an easy option for everyone.

Even, We had unofficial information that Windows 2012 R2 will fix-up these mess. And seems its true. Windows Server 2012 R2 is coming up with an inbuilt gateway which is capable of Multi-tenant multi-site VPN gateway, NAT gateway for internet access and forwarding gateway for within the Datacenter.

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F5 Big IP Announced NVGRE Support

F5 announced their road map on supporting network visualization for Hyper-V.

F5® BIG-IP® hardware will support NVGRE gateway functionality beginning the first quarter of calendar year 2014. Integration with Windows Azure is currently available on F5’s BIG-IP solutions.

For me, this seems to be an important move as one of the mainstream vendor will be coming soon to support the network visualization initiatives. Lets hope for the best !